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Quality and good creative design
can’t be found on any street corner
nor for that matter does it grow on trees.
A high standard of creative design
is the product of:
listening to the customer,
long process of studying the design objective, having an eye for beauty
as well as a gifted hand,
hard work, love for detail
and lastly, courage to think outside the box
and sometimes everything just falls into place.

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Feel with your eyes

The first impression counts.

Regardless of what your logo will be

or if you stride for a big appearance

and exposure on the World Wide Web

the way I present your company to the public will not go unnoticed.

Your company’s appearance will provide the viewer

with encouraging, positive and enthusiastic emotions.

The determination to differentiate yourself is a symbol for your entrepreneurial achievements.


A clever design conveys a coherent overall picture of your busniess.

For this very reason,

I first take a close interest in listening and understanding my customers needs,

then, only when we are in agreement will I proceed to conceptualise the design for you

enabling an individual solution tailored to your company

at an all round realistically calculated and fair price.

Show yourself as you are with the passion you have for your company.


Image.line is a professional creative studio.

With a love for clear imagery



My work

Das bin ich

This is me


I am a qualified communications designer. Since 1997 I have been conceptualizing, illustrating and designing logos, brochures, business papers, trade fair graphics, event graphics, video animations, websites, flyers, mailings, videos, campaigns and so much more….

I am experienced, reliable and quick.

I also have a large network of creative service providers.

I am your designer.
Your conceptioner.
Your advisor.
Your contact person.
Your listener.
Your creative.

And the one who The one who implements,

what brings your business forward!





Good contact



Studio für professionelles

Felderhof 132

40880 Ratingen

Phone: +49 (0) 2102- 927733



I look forward to meeting you!

Thank you for your message.


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